Thursday, September 29, 2011

W/O 9/28

    Much like Monday this workout was broken up.. The morning started with a super short 15 minutes of Astanga yoga before I headed to work. Work was super slow and dead by the way and I made about half of what I need- so that I can pay rent and credit card bills. Either way I made it through the day and headed home for some interval training thanks to this was the silent killer workout and it was 20 minutes of leg burn out.. which was awesome to do before my hour long walk with Erin. We took the dogs to the greenway bike path and stopped of for Hydro to take a swim. Erins dog Bella really wanted to swim but was too scared to go in past her chest. Anyway it was probably one of the last nice warm days of the year so I’m happy we got out for a walk and I’m sure Hydro was equally happy to hit up the pond for a swim.
    Like every Wednesday it was wine and cigar night, so after our walk I came home for dinner and made my second salad of the day.. This thing was the size of TWO of my heads and was amazing along with some mashed sweet potatoes. I inhaled it and made my way to the pond. The fire was already blazing which was great since the weather had cooled down. Rain was coming in and managed to stay away just long enough for us to enjoy another night of wine and conversation.
    My legs are pretty sore at this point so this morning I rolled them out and did a bit of stretching. Todays workout is unsure- but I do have to teach yoga tonight so I know I will have that if anything..

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