Thursday, October 20, 2011

Early morning Training

   I am absolutely exhausted right now! Last night towards the end of Wine and Cigar night Paula and I made plans to hit the gym SUPER early.. Well I guess it’s not that early- we met there at 6:30- so I could squeeze in the workout before work.. Here is what we did:

-Treadmill- 10 minute warm up
- DB squats (a total of 6 sets declining)- I made mine into SuperSets with 30 jumping jacks between each
- 1/2 mile on Treadmill
-DB lunges (a total of 6 sets declining)- Made into Super sets with DB over head pressed between (4 sets total- 2x 20 and 2x 10)
-1/2 mile on Treadmill
- 20x decline bench crunches
-10x squats
- 20x roll ups
-10x squats
- 12 each side- side plank lifts
-10x squats
-20x table top leg- crunches
-10x squats
   Overall it took us a bit over an hour to complete and I had just enough time to say by to Paula and jump in the shower to get to work ( I still was 15 minutes late but that it normal and totally doesn’t count!)
     Denny’s was SLOW and the day really dragged by.. Now I’m off to Starbucks to hang out with my mom for a bit- maybe drag her to Trader Joes with me- before I teach yoga tonight. It’s already been a long day and I’m SLEEPY! Good thing I’m going to get a coffee the size of my left leg..

What was your workout?

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