Thursday, October 20, 2011

The rest of the night.

    Hanging out with my mom this afternoon went really well.. She and I don’t really have the best relationship out there- not to say that we don’t get along, but we are just not very close you know? See my dad was the parent that stayed home with me while my mom worked… So I had all of the fun and good times with him- and my mom worked all day- then came home and yelled at me to clean my room or whatever.. I don’t really know exactly what made us not have a “Gilmore Girls” Mother/Daughter relationship- but either way, it’s always hard for me to open up to her.
    As I said I got a coffee the size of my leg and we chatted it up for a good two hours while I sucked it down… Unfortunately the caffeine didn’t really do much for me- but I got home and made some dinner before heading off to teach yoga tonight.
    As always I had a great time teaching my girls- and good news!!!  I have a new victim hooked :) It’s so great to see people willing to push themselves to the limit!! Not only are they amazing and do a great job- they always keep me laughing! I don’t care how tired I am or how much I wish I could just sit home and rest on the couch- I’m ALWAYS glad that I get to teach them.. They are amazing woman…
     On a similar note- I’m hitting the gym in the morning with Paula- not at early as this morning… more like 9:15 and I need to look for a workout for us. That’s pretty much my whole plan for day- but later on James and I are getting together to go shopping for the Pumpkin Carving party that we are having at the house on Saturday- and making some dinner while we prep the food…  So far I know I’m making:
-Homemade Mac and Cheese
-Pizza Monkey Bread
-Chips and Salsa
-Dessert Sushi (which really has nothing to do with anything except that I really want to make it and it’s a great excuse!) :)
   I’m looking forward to having a bunch of people hang out, having some drinks and carving a kick ass pumpkin!!

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