Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WO- 9/26

Silly me- I forgot to post what I did for a workout yesterday! I started out the morning with 15 minutes of yoga- and Hot Body Workout from BodyRock.tv- I got nice and sweaty, it felt really good to get the burn going you know? After showering and running some errands I got a call from Erin asking me to hit the gym- even though I really wasn’t feeling it, I figured it would be a great idea. We managed 25 minutes of elliptical-ing and lifted some weights- which included Dumbbell one-arm row, push=ups, dumbbell shoulder press, standing one leg calf raises, dumbbell curl, overhead extension, dumbbell squat, stiff legged dead-lifts.. all of them 2x 15 reps.

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