Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend recap

 The weekend started off Friday with a margarita at 2pm- I met up with the girls at work and when they got off shift we went next door to Agave’s.. When you show up to a place and they immediately serve you with hot chips and salsa and hand you the drink menu- I’m talking before they even say hello- you know your in a good place. The chips were awesome, salty and freshly fried (oh so yum) and we each ordered our drinks- I went with the blue agave.. but immediately after the first sip I knew I should have ordered the goblet.. My god it was delicious! We hung out for about an hour shooting the shit as we finished our drinks and of course made plans to make it a weekly hangout.. I’m hoping those plans actually stick…


    I met up with James a few hours later to get ready for the canoe trip- he came and picked me up at the apartment; we hung out with my landlord and had some drinks.. (I’m sure you can see where this is going already) Finally we made it to the house after a bunch of last minute errands, made some food and finished packing stuff up before heading to bed.
    4 AM comes super quick- especially when fall is starting to set it and its really effin cold.. I managed to crawl out of bed after the alarm went off 3 times so I could shower. Our friend Chris showed up and the boys packed up with truck while I ate some food. After a quick pick up of our friend Brandon we hit the gas station for some coffee and snacks and headed out on the road for the 4 hour drive to Maine where we were canoeing on the Saco river. At our first stop of the drive (we had met up with 3 other cars full of friends) we did some super strong jello shots. It was 7:30 in the morning mind you and these jello shots were so strong that when you used your tongue to loosen the jello from the little cup- it made your tongue tingle.. Seriously. I’m surprised they even set up. Who cares because they were awesome and I have a bunch before we got back on the road.. for about 2 miles- because we had to stop at the NH liquor store where stuff is super cheap and they are open at like 6 AM or something. Bailey’s Caramel something or other was purchased and drank straight out of the bottle- redneck style for the remainder of the drive to the breakfast place. Man that stuff is good! I was feeling pretty awesome by the time we hit the “restaurant” which was really a BAR that served food.. The eggs and breakfast potatoes were kind of blah- but the pancake that I got was flipping amazing. This this was about an inch thick and incredible. The only thing that could have made it better was some butter and almond butter.. We finally got on the river around noon… Where we proceeded to make some more drinks..
    More jello shots and drinks were had during the day and I was pretty buzzed out.. not gonna even try to lie about it. It was an awesome day- and my only complaint was the amount of mosquitos that were eating my face.. well every part of my body.. but I seriously got at least 10 bites on my face.. Ugh.. pretty gross.
    We stopped floating down river around 5:30 and set up camp on a beachy shoreline- and started a massive fire. Drunk people are funny… Just saying.
    Woke up around 6:30 and cleaned up some of the aftermath of the previous night- restarted the first from coals and made some breakfast, before breaking camp and repacking the canoes. By the way.. there were more jello shots first thing.. like before breakfast. More drinks and floating happened and eventually we made it back- packed up our shit and drove to get some dinner before heading back home.
    It was so much fun! 19 miles floating down river.. uncounted jello shots and drinks and laughs.. Great way to end the summer!

Just around the river bend!

Did you do something to bring your summer to a close?

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