Wednesday, September 21, 2011


    I’m trying to get back into a schedule- you know waking up doing some yoga, hitting the gym, eating right, and keeping busy in general. While I only work two days so far at the restaurant, waiting for a few extra shifts- and teaching yoga the one night (I got a call last night from my boss that the students in the class that I’ve covered on Tuesday nights- the one that pays $55- want me to come back- and while she goes on maternity that is something that is likely to happen!) For a while since the whole moving thing, yoga has fallen over to the side so I can get used to everything. Though this is a shitty excuse… and I’m not going to take it!
    Last night I went to basic yoga at the studio- I’m not a fan of basic yoga, which is why I take it. See I have a few teachers whom I look up to- ALOT… and they say that the things we need the most are the things we run away from the most. Yeah I love a super intense class with 300 Chaturangas (a low push up in case you didn’t know) but I really need a more meditative practice. Let me tell you though- it’s like torture, no seriously.. When I’m in a basic class I feel like I’ve drank an entire Monster and then told to sit still for 60 minutes. But yoga is yoga.. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it doesn’t matter how long, how intense or what style of yoga- it’s all yoga..
      So today I’m attempting to start a new schedule. I’m leaving for work in a few (8-2) and then heading straight to the gym from there… I’m going to attempt the “Crazy Treadmill HIIT” workout that I found on OnefitFoodie and then some arm stuff (I’ll get in more detail when I actually do it) It’s Wednesday night which means Wine and Cigar night- so that might be happening… The night is kind of up in the air :)

What are your schedules like?
What are your plans for this Humptastical day?

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