Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moving days..

   I started moving stuff over to the new place Tuesday morning- after my bucket of morning coffee. Packing really hadn’t begun because I didn’t have any boxes and was waiting for a friend to grab some from work. I did have some stuff that I just shoved into the car, mostly kitchen stuff, bathroom/ shower stuff, and my thai massage mat/blankets to sleep on. I dragged my friend along to the store to get some last minute things and to hang out (she even made me lunch!) I unloaded a couple of car loads and hung out with some more friends (two friends, two separate hanging outs!) It was so weird to be in the apartment- alone.. I mean sure I had a friend hanging out.. but it was the first time in “my place”.. Weird.
    I ended up not getting much sleep- but I had to work at 8 so I dragged my butt out of bed with about 20 minutes to spare and pulled a fireman. As I was driving to work I looked over at the passengers side windshield.. and surprise surprise- there is a 7-8 inch CRACK!! I guess from the temp changes or whatever it cracked.. but seriously- My car is new(ish) and I still owe like half the amount on it! I do not have the time or money to fix this and I’m hoping that the insurance will cover the costs. So after freaking out about that for half and hour.. the work day started.. It was a slow day- which means, little money.. I’m not gonna lie- I’m freaking out about being able to afford everything on my own! I’m good with money but this is going to be pretty tight… Oh yeah.. in other news I am pretty sure I have pink eye and I’m going to try and make it through work- because there is no way I can not go in.. I am BROKE! haha..
   Its amazing how much money moving into a new place costs. I mean I’m not even going out and buying new furniture or anything like that.. I’m talking basics- cleaning supplies, stocking the fridge and pantry for the first time, area rugs- even though I haven’t bought much, I’ve still managed to spend a few hundred dollars.
   Candida cleanse update: The cleanse went quite well! I completed 12 days on the cleanse- steering clear of all fruit, sugar, gluten and processed foods. During that time I had gluten once- on eggplant parm, and a few bites of mango salsa.. otherwise I was super strict.. At this point I feel like it was beneficial- and have since realized how much gluten affects my body. Since eliminating it from my diet- I feel less bloated have had many fewer issues with gas and general belly discomfort. I have decided to stay gluten free! :) I’m not going to stand here and say that I’m never going to eat a piece of pizza when I’m out with my friends or on a special occasion.. but I’m going to avoid it- most of the time. The thing that I find interesting is how well my body seems to be running while eating the candida diet and I’m going to do my best to continue to loosely follow the guidelines. Except for the ice cream I ate the other night! (Ok here’s the deal.. I had been wanting and craving ice cream for days.. I’m talking 4-5 days! So I don’t feel guilty!)
    As of today I’m going to bring some lower sugar fruits back into my diet- berries, apples and pears. I’m still going to limit the amount that I eat pretty dramatically for a bit to see how well it does. I’m talking 1/4 cup of blueberries in my yogurt (OMG fruit is so amazing and I miss you so much!!!) and maybe half and apple or pear at a time. Plus this will help my small budget!
     Off to work to hopefully bring home some moolah!

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