Monday, September 5, 2011


   During this shift in my life there has been a lot of questions surrounding what my next move should be. Most of this time I have felt like I’m floating around without a clue- without direction. I’ve been putting it out in the universe; It’s been the intention in my yoga practices (along with finding self confidence).  I’ve said it a million times- but I’m really excited to get my own space.. and I think that it’s going to bring some clarity to what my next step will be.
  It’s a double edged sword. As much as I can’t wait to have this space- I’m terrified that I will not be able to afford everything on my own. Everything is so very real now- as tomorrow I’m going to pay the rent through Sept. and get the keys. I’ll start moving stuff in right away- and while there isn’t really a whole lot of stuff.. it’s still going to take time- and effort. Unfortunately it’s going to cost some money- Area rugs, A bed, a kitchen table, basic supplies for kitchen/bath/cleaning and living room stuff. AHHH so much stuff- so little money!!! It’s going to be a welcome challenge- let’s see how much I can stretch a dollar :)
   So if you have any tips or tricks for me I’m listening!!

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