Friday, August 26, 2011

Sometimes you just really don’t want to workout..

    But you lace up your shoes and do it anyway right? Right. This morning was one of those mornings. My stomach was feeling a bit wonky and I was feeling a bit ass-draggin.. but I knew I wouldn’t be upset if I did go.. I told myself that I would just go and do 30 mins. Getting out the door was the toughest part! I decided that I would try a HIIT workout that I found somewhere in bloggity-land.. Who knows where it comes from, but it was just the ass kicking I needed :) It looked something like this:

HIIT- 6x6
Warm up 5 mins
6x 1 min sprint/ 1 min recover
6x 30 sec sprint/ 90 sec recover
6x 45 sec sprint/ 90 sec recover
6x 20 sec sprint/ 40 sec recover
Cool down 5 mins

In all honesty I really like this style of workout- mostly because it keeps me busy and the time flys by. I did however modify towards the end- I did 4x 45 sec sprint /90 sec recover and 2x 20 sec sprint/ 40 sec recover, before cooling down leaving my time on the hamster wheel an even 45 mins. From there I did some stretching- along with 5 30 second handstands with slow lower downs, 2 drop backs (yoga style) and some forward folding to round it all out..  Talk about a SWEAT MONSTER!

Day 2 of the anti-candida diet is going well. It still seems very weird not eating any fruit- especially because I went grocery shopping yesterday and grabbed some amazing peaches, grapes, figs and bananas. I think I will be welcoming them back into my diet in 3 weeks with a party :) As far as cutting out gluten- I don’t really think thats going to be much of an issue for me, except when I out and havent had time to prepare or pack meals.. I’m trying to keep some almonds with me incase crazy starvation hits, just to be sure!
    The weekend is here! No drinking for me and work all weekend- but the hurricane is coming here.. so who knows what its going to be like after all. Enjoy yours and stay safe!

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