Thursday, August 25, 2011

Antibiotics, Candida, Probiotics?

    Three reasons I need to see a Natural path instead of my quack doctor. I went to the doctor Tuesday because of supposed tonsillitis, was given antibiotics and NOT a referral to a specialist.. Fast forward 2 days and 4 huge pink pills later- and there was a white film on my tongue.. Of course I FREAKED out.. but after some googling I figured out the culprit.. Candida over growth.. Everything clicked- all of these little symptoms that seemed disconnected are in reality all from the same thing! Of course I discovered this late at night- when there was nothing I could do except sleep on it.
    This morning when I woke up it was the first thing on my mind.. With the wealth of info at my fingertips, I set down a game plan. I have to finish the antibiotics, which makes Candida worse- but also kills the infection in my tonsils. In order to balance out the killing of bad/good bacteria- I bought a probiotic supplement which will be taken mid day, between my doses of antibiotics. With that in the works, the next part is diet. Basically ANY sugar is food for Candida- we don’t want to feed it, we want to kill it. Fruits, gluten, processed foods, etc.. are out- at least for the first stage. The first stage of the diet is going to be 3 weeks.. After stage 1, we can start to introduce foods back into the diet- low sugar fruits (apples, pears, berries) beans and higher carb veggies. Also during this stage you can take anti-fungals to try to kill those bad guys.
    Lets agree that I need to take it one day at a time- it’s a pretty strict and not eating sugar is hard since it’s in everything… but really the hardest part is going to be no fruit. I am positive that I can be strong enough to handle it. With day 1 behind me, I feel confident that even if I’m jumping the gun and I’m not actually suffering from over-growth, it can’t hurt right? Hopefully I will be stronger with this “detox” than with the last one.. LOL.

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