Monday, August 29, 2011

Protein packed!

Irene is gone and the sun is back- Thankfully there was no damage to my place and we can return to regularly scheduled programming.
I’ve been eating this every morning for breakfast- I miss eating fruit the most during breakfast. Today is day 5 and I’m going strong. On the agenda this morning: yoga/bodyrock combo, gym for some cardio, and hitting up the mall like a teenager to find some clothes- I’m in DIRE need of clothing update. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten anything new- but I’m looking for a little more grown up look. Though I’m not planning on being much of a grown up any time soon!
   So here’s the deal- I’m looking for pieces that are versatile, mostly because I don’t have a ton of money and I hate having a lot of stuff. Stuff not only clutters my closet but it makes me crazy. So searching for items that I can pair with my Lulu Lemon Leggings (that I already own, black and grey) Frey boots which can be paired with any color- maybe some ballet flats, and some pieces that I can dress up for a night out or down for everyday. I’m really fashion handicapped so any ideas or pictures would be appreciated!    
Any clothing suggestions?? 

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