Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drag your friends

As it turns out, getting to the gym yesterday was much more difficult than I had thought. Luckily when I called Paula to see if she was into it- she jumped on it. We hit the elliptical for a hot minute and sweated it out like champs. We parted ways for showers and snacks before meeting back up to go to Old Navy. To our surprise everything was half off… Who knew? Even after walking around and finding arms full of clothing I only ended up with two shirts, what do you think?

Of course as I walked through I also found these sunglasses ($5! and this rockin hat- $7.50!!!) Sorry for the bad picture..
 The rest of the day was filled with hanging out and food- duh! I’m definitely struggling at times with the lack of sugar in my life.. The gluten isn’t a problem at all, which is weird- but I just want some fruit or frozen banana soft-serve! Instead of giving into the nagging urge I went to basic yoga last night at the studio, came home and talked to the neighbors about another neighbor who gave himself the neighborhood watch tittle and annoys everyone as he sits out in his yard like a creep watching everyone. I crashed out pretty early for some much needed Z’s.

     This morning I woke up at 6:30am naturally, ok maybe with a little help from my furry rug-rats. Yogurt, almond butter, and a vat of coffee later I was slacking off yet again. But this time Paula called me and got me to the gym. We did a HIIT run on the treadmill- which happened to be her first time and she rocked it! She hates the treadmill so getting her on there, and getting her to jog was a great step forward :) I really think my calling is to be a Personal Trainer- 1. because I like to push people to realize their greatness and potential and 2. because I like to yell at people a bit :)

What are your plans for the rest of Tuesday??
   I’m headed to a lunch date with my friends Mom (who’s apartment I’m going to be renting) to talk about the place and details. I’ll probably hit up Target afterwards for some odds and ends- and the rest of the day is up in the air!


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  1. sounds like you have an awesome workout buddy! that makes it way more fun!