Monday, August 22, 2011

A fresh start

     I went out to lunch with my friends Melinda and Kristen and it was an amazing time. It’s always great to catch up with them- and just having them as friends is wonderful! We talked over sushi rolls about everything, and it’s great to have support and be able to be a support for each other. Its awesome to have people that are put together on my team. Melinda offered me a couple of rooms to rent on the third floor of her house- which is currently unused because it needs some work. It’s going to be a great place to set down some roots and call my own while I figure out the next plan of action. Because it’s a space that she eventually would be fixing up anyway, the small monthly rent I’m going to be giving her will help to fund it. I’m going over tomorrow to check everything out more closely and probably will be moving in within the next few weeks. I’m pretty excited to be able to have this available because it is a great deal- and I will be able to save a bunch of money and pay the car off as well. Plus it’s only a few miles from our house- so if Hydro and Melinda’s dog Daisy don’t get along I will still be able to see both of the boys regularly. I don’t really have a whole lot to move over there; a thai massage mat that I will be using for a bed and a dresser with my clothes. I plan on checking out Ikea or Walmart for some cheap rugs, curtains and maybe a little couch or chair- and of course I’m going to paint it. But really I won’t need a whole lot more than that. Rent will be cheap enough for me to be able to travel and still be able to have it as a home base which is ideal. I’m not sure when my next travel plans will be taking place since the plan to travel with Erika out to Portland has fallen through- but it will be workable for me to make other plans. I’m pretty excited!!! Its great to have found a reasonable living situation- and feel like I will have a place to be grounded.

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