Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to the land of eggs…Plans changed.. again!


I should say the land of just add water and frozen products, but eggs really does sound nicer doesn’t it? I told you the other day that I called my job and asked for my job back- she said she would get back to be with an answer and potential shifts that I could have. Well I got the call today- I’m going to be working every Wednesday and for this weekend at least I’m working both Saturday and Sunday. The break from Denny’s was so needed- let me just say that. I haven’t worked there since before Yogaslackers Teacher Training in May. 3 months off- it would only be adequate time off if I never had to go back. But here’s the thing… I don’t even have to try there. Now maybe your thinking that’s the wrong attitude- but lets look at it this way. With everything else going on right now, making money is the last thing I want to think about or really have to “work” at. I’m making a little bit of money teaching yoga, but it’s not much. It’s certainly not even enough to pay for gas in the car and food in the fridge. In this economy finding a job is hard enough- especially when your not exactly qualified for anything. Waitressing it an easy answer to needing some cash fast. 
    As it turns out, the friend that I was going to rent from didn’t realize how much money it was going to be for her to make the space livable through the winter. It’s not insulated and there isn’t any heat. Since she was going to do it eventually she thought now would be no better time. Unfortunately the costs of the repairs would be far too much for her right now, which means I would only be able to stay in the space for 2-3 months at the most before it would be unlivable. So yet another plan fell through- ah! I’m totally ok with it actually. Instead we headed over to her mom’s house which has the in-law apartment and checked that out. It’s super cute! It has it’s own bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. Sure it’s going to be at least double the price- but it would be my own space completely. I can still have dogs and it’s not too far from the studio (actually it’s much closer) and from Denny’s. I haven’t actually talked it all out with her directly- but I’m planning for an October 1st move in. That gives me just under 6 weeks to save up enough money for the first months rent.. If there is a security deposit, then that will have to be worked out… But I think I can make it happen. I’m not going to make any real plans until I talk to Maria and see what the deal is- but I hope that it comes together. I REALLY hope it comes together.. I just want to get out on my own and prove to myself I can make it happen. 
   So there you have it.. One of the first steps to growing up.. swallowing your pride and going back to a job you really aren’t a fan of- and living on your own even though it scares the crap out of you :) I think I’m doing alright.

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