Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Workin it

   The rest of Tuesday and into this morning was spent working, working, working.. In fact I didn’t finish until after 3 am! I ended up staying at my friends house in an attempt to get some sleep since I have to work in less than an hour- but I didn’t get much sleep.. and now I’m chug-a-luging on the coffee train in an attempt to be awake and ready for the day. Truth be told, getting my own place requires a need for money and if I have to stay up late to make it- that’s what needs to be done. After meeting up with my friends mom/ new landlord for lunch yesterday- getting my own place is really soaking in. The apartment just needs a cleaning since it has been a little bit since anyone has actually lived there, and a refrigerator- and we are planning for a move in within the next couple weeks. Until then I’m working hard and saving every penny so that I will have enough to get some furniture and basics for the place.

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