Thursday, July 14, 2011


"Having abandoned the fruit of action, he wins eternal peace. Others, unacquainted with spirituality. led by desire and clinging to the benefit which they think will follow their actions, become entangled by them. Mentally renouncing all actions, the self-controlled soul enjoyed bliss in this body, the city of nine gates, neither doing anything himself nor causing anything to be done” 

“The joys that spring from  external associations bring pain; they have their beginnings and their endings. The wise man does not rejoice in them.”

“He who is happy within his self, and has found its peace, and in whom the inner light shines, that sage attains eternal bliss and becomes the spirit itself.”

“Governing sense, mind, and intellect, intent of liberation, free from desire, fear and anger, the sage is forever free”

    Non-attatchment is what I’m taking away this morning.. Let us have no expectation of anything in this life. As I am living more in the moment- and less in the past and whatever the future brings I feel like I’m learning to follow this more and more. It is much easier to let go of the past I feel like- letting go of expectation of the future is going to be my biggest task. Sure it is a whole lot easier to just say I have no hopes for what comes next, but actually living it will be my biggest work. So badly I want for everything to work out in the ideal way. Of course I know that isn’t the way it will work- and really what fun would life be if our expectations all became reality?

Lets shift
    Talks and plans are in motion for a cross country road trip with Flip to Wanderlust Lake Tahoe. For whatever reason- even though I want to go and do- there is fear or hesitation. I’m letting it go and saying what the hell, lets do it! As long as things fall into place with my job in North Adams then I will just do it.. Fear no more and enjoy each day as it comes!
    As I speak with my parents I have been asked a million times what I’m thinking- what are my plans. They are extremely worried about me and the paths that I’m about to take. I appreciate it, really I do. However I have to let them say their piece and acknowledge it- but not let it hold me back. Their fears will not be pushed on me like they were in my childhood. Even when they are in place for my own good, sometimes you need to make your own mistakes and choices without being influenced by others, even when they are just doing it out of love.

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