Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just 3.

      3 is my most favorite number- ironic since I don’t like odd numbers. I know that is pretty weird- in case you haven’t been reading or just don’t know- that’s how I roll. 3 is the number that Babe Ruth wore and 3 is the number of shifts I have left in the waitressing hell hole! If you have been or are part of waitstaff you understand how the job can be awesome but really crappy at the same time. Awesome because of the money made in a short amount of time. Crappy because of the way people sometimes treat you and the way you get sucked into the money making. One day your innocently applying for a job while you finish college and the next thing you know your married, with a home and a car, trying to make a career out of teaching yoga and 4 years has past! Oh wait.. that’s just me?
  2 is the exact number of weeks I have before I leave for San Diego!
Um does it really look this awesome?! I sure hope so. Since this is my first trip to California I’m pretty amped up about it. Not sure how much time I’ll have to explore outside of the training but I’m hoping to catch a couple glimpses!
    1 hour is the amount of time I have before I head off to work. Time to squeeze in some yoga :)

What are your 3,2,1’s?

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