Friday, May 6, 2011


 I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Officially two weeks from today I will be on a plane to San Diego! But lets back up, shall we? Before the weekend can officially start I needed to get rid of some photos lingering on the camera. I took them with the intent of sharing earlier durning the week so it’s only fair that I give them that.  First up the food-
 Greek yogurt/pumpkin with cinnamon- apples for dipping
 Blueberry oats topped with Greek yogurt (Can you guess what I’m addicted to?)
 I realize this is more liquid nutrition- but this kids needs gigantic coffees with waters to match to make it through the day.
 Protein muffins- the early years- always top with peanut butter. In fact always top EVERYTHING with peanut butter. That’s the rule.
 First grilled pizza of the season- had a better picture but somehow deleted it. Oops.

   During the errand travels I found this little number for the kitchen- I just love it! Thanks Target- plus it was only $8! What more could this girl ask for?

 And finally I accomplished planning the garden. It too a lot of time and lots of erasers, but I’m pretty stoked about the plan.
This summer we are going to be (hopefully) knee deep in fresh veggies. I’m going to be half-way unemployed when I return so I’m putting a lot of love into this garden. I may have to resort to eating bugs if things doing work out.

     So what are your the plans for the weekend? 

For us: Tonight James and I are heading to the city for a nice long walk and dinner, though plans are up in the air for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow James has school, I have yoga and pilates- maybe some gym time for a mini “tri-athlon” and Sunday of course is Mothers day! We have both moms coming over in the morning for breakfast. Expect many photos now that the camera is clean :) 

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