Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From this mornings yoga practice.

I took this mornings practice from this months Yoga Journal which came it yesterday- the Master Class article was written by my first teacher Natasha Rizopoulos, and I miss taking her class. Fortunately she is now teaching a weekly class on Tuesday which I’m going to check out next week with my fellow TT buddy Meghan :)

  A few random thoughts... Yes I do have a garden gnome in my living room- the story behind Stoney (You’ll notice that he’s sitting on a magic mushroom and smoking a pipe also known as the stoner gnome) is that my mom always wanted one of these things, but I always thought they were super creepy. One day my father and I were at the Christmas tree shop and we spotted Stoney among the many gnomes and I thought he was awesome- made my dad buy him on the spot for my mom. He never went outside- but instead hung out on the entertainment center in our living room, forever- I’m talking for 10 years! A couple months ago my mom came over with Stoney in a bag- asking if I wanted him before she got rid of him, and of course I did! I put him outside, but James didn’t want him to get ruined and insisted that the tradition continues bringing him into the house. So Stoney is chilling out in the living room! Secondly- I know the music choice is a bit odd for a yoga practice but upbeat dancing music is where it’s at- it really gets me pumped on the days like today where I start off not wanting to show up to the mat. Turned out to be an amazing practice! 

The highlight:

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