Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slack it.

     The temperature was slightly above 50 degrees, I was off work, and I had some free time- So what does that mean???  

(Recycled from October)
You guessed it- slackline time! I was more than excited to get out in the sun, and on the line. After this past weekend at Frog Lotus Yoga and finally putting together my travel plans for the teacher training in May, I was stoked to get out there.  I went to a local state park, Goddard State Park to be exact. The space is pretty awesome with tons of trees and space to get everything set up. Even though it was in the 50’s, there was a ton of wind coming off the water (The park it huge but there is a water front area) so it was chilly. Good thing I layered well and took my leg warmers! It took some time to get set up since I spent the time wrapping the trees with old yoga mats for protection from the line (I normally wouldn’t do this for a short slack session but I didn’t know if I would be allowed to set up the line in the first place and I wanted to cover my tush in case someone came over to yell at me :) ) Every time I would get the mat in place and just about wrap the time around it the wind would blow super hard and make everything fall- leaving me to try again. Thankfully with persistence I was able to get it together- and in a  semi-sunny spot for warmth. 
   I was on the line for less than 5 minutes when a park truck drove by, and down the road-turned around and drove back down towards me, passing by- then they turned around again! This time they stopped right behind me and shut the truck off. I figured that at this point I would be getting in trouble, but to my surprise when they stepped out of the truck- they were just asking me what I was doing- and couldn’t believe that I could walk on it. We talked for a few- I told them what it was all about, explained who the Yogaslackers were. After a few they took the hint that I was there for a reason and went back to the truck- hung out for 5 more minutes before starting the truck and leaving. It was a bit weird and I was glad they left! 
    I worked for 45 minutes on walking the line, sit to stand, kneeling, sitting, shoulder stand.. My ankle was on fire!! 5 minutes on the line feels like 15 minutes on the yoga mat. Needless to say I was wiped out and freezing when I disassembled the set up. 
    Fast forward a few hours- I was at the studio taking a Classic Rock yoga class doing some balance stuff and it was incredible how much easier the balancing on the mat was compared to the line. Now I know what your thinking- Duh! I know it’s going to be easier- but I felt like I was so much more able to focus during class than normal. I always have trouble calming my head down. I have a ton of stuff running through my mind at all times. There are two ways I can calm the mind. Smoke and exhaust my body to the max. Today was exhausting- 1 hr PT, 1/2 hr on the Arc machine at the gym, 45 mins on the slackline and then 1 hour yoga.  I feel amazing right now..

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