Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunny Sundae

After spending the weekend in North Adams MA at Frog Lotus Yoga, assisting a Yogaslackers workshop- I wasn’t looking forward to returning to everyday life- meaning Denny’s. What’s the best way to perk up a rough Monday??? Get an ice cream sundae! James was very serious about it- he even put his serious mustache on :)

 I ordered an old favorite (that I haven’t had in the 4 vegan years) Classic sundae with 2 scoops crazy vanilla, caramel whip cream and nuts!! James also got a classic sundae with 2 scoops butter crunch and hot fudge- check these bad boys out!
 Taking a bit of this was intense.. I mean look at all the whipped cream!
 It was a very delicate and blurry process. I had to use my hands to get it all on the spoon- lol
 This is an INTENSE face! It was so yum!
 Sugar rushes leave you feeling AWeSOME
 Blurry smiles :)
 And crazy faces!
And some smooches! Talk about beating the Monday blues... I’ll have ice cream any day.

What do you do to beat the work week blues?

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