Friday, July 5, 2013

Photo catch up- because I’m too lazy for anything else..

Best Waffle ever (WHIPPED CREAM!)
Coffee Date in Vermont with my Daddy
Followed by a BBQ lunch 
Yup.. more ribs

Uncle Paul said Elton John called and asked for his sunglasses back. He totally pulls them off better than I do
Tuna Moose loves snuggle time in the hammock
A little too much since he passed out
Ate raw bar Oysters for the first time ever
More breakfast! 
 Playtime with Puppies
 My adorable dad sending my pictures of his fishing success 
 Down time with the mutts
 Lola rocking head stands! 
 Slinging fish for a living
 The coolest combustable- probably the loudest thing I’ve ever set off!
 Sammy finally jumped up in the hammock 
 Puppy snuggling hammocks- 2x the love 

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