Thursday, June 6, 2013

Exciting things

I’m pretty sure I’ve been really bad at checking in- but there is so much going on these last couple of weeks… I try to sit down and write something, but all the trivial things like how much I ran (or didn’t run) worked out or what I ate don’t really appeal to me. There is so many changes happening.. changes that I’m really not ready or at liberty to discuss- but since they are all that has been on my mind… well I just accidentally kept my distance. 
There are a few things that I’ve really been excited to share with you. 
I finally bit the bullet… and signed up for the remaining two 1/2 marathons to be part of the
Race 2 will be in Jamestown RI on July 13 and Race 3 with be in Newport RI on October 13. Both of these courses will be absolutely amazing I’m sure as both are near the ocean. In all honesty, I really wasn’t planning on signing up for more races any time soon, but then I decided that it would be a good idea to have some more stuff to train for.. One, to keep me motivated and get back on track (Since I’ve totally been eating Ben & Jerry’s like it’s my day job, eating fries and having a few too many cocktails) Two because I needed a distraction and Three because I need to get under 2 hours.. So now I have two chances- lets hope I don’t choke. 
Since the next race is now just 6 weeks away and I haven’t really run a whole lot (Since the last race I have run 6 times) I have a whole lot of work to do. 

The catch is that I started a 3 week long road trip this last Sunday night (June 2) so my training will be happening while on the road. 
Speaking of road tripping… The first leg of the trip was from RI to Arkansas. With the rental car packed, I headed to work Sunday afternoon for the night shift. After a pretty slow night, I came home for a little bit to change and see my dad for a few minutes before hitting the road. 
(How sweet is this thing?!)
We drove straight through the night and were in the car for just under 22 hours. 
 Making stops for gas, bathrooms and selfless at McDonalds

Surprisingly, I really wasn’t very tired at all. The rental is super spacious and comfy (And I’m totally in love with it- I want to keep it) so when I wasn’t driving I totally get to sleep a little bit which I’m sure helped a lot. James and Tuna took advantage of my turn driving..

 Plus these guys were totally worth it
Mowgli (Which is totally just my nickname for him)
I will totally be checking in soon with our adventures :)

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