Thursday, April 11, 2013


This week kicked off with some rest, at least for the first half of my Monday. I pushed my Best Body Bootcamp workout to Tuesday so my legs could recover a bit. 
I was surprised to find that my legs felt fine after the 8 miler Sunday- with the exception of my knees which were super achy. 
So instead of working out, I hung out with Paula for a bit and did a little grocery shopping. I made a monster salad when I got home
 I went to the studio to teach class (and had only one student.. lame!) but came home to another awesome dinner
 James seasoned this chicken with orange zest and juice, along with some red pepper flakes and chili pepper.. Sweet and spicy!
Tuesday, I did the first workout of the week for BBB.. and pushed myself to up the weight in all of the exercises.. and also ran a very rough 3 miles.. My knees were not ready for another run- but they felt a little better afterward.  I went to work at the restaurant, but the weather was beautiful, so James scooped my up for a little ride before I met with my PT client. 
Look closely in the mirror to see my goofy face ;)

Wednesday- I’m in the middle of planning our summer road trip. All of the tour books came in the mail from AAA
 I’m getting more and more excited! 
Speaking of excited- I made salty, roasted coconut chips for the first time.. and they are even better than I could have imagined.. 
 Obviously, you know I have a coconut obsession- so I made some coconut butter too
 mmmmm, coconut….
I balanced out all the coconut with some salad- topped with leftover roasted chicken
  This was all after I did the second BBB workout (and dragged my friend Paula through it too!) and took Tuna Moose on his first on-leash run! It was absolutely perfect weather and with the exception of running after a couple squirrels- Tuna did great through all 3 miles

I had an interview in the afternoon for a new restaurant (which I should be starting next week!) 
 Candy apple lollipops for the win! 

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