Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Running distance + return of old favorites + fuel

There are a ton of people out in the world that love running.. like REALLY love it- and they are good at it to boot. 
I am NOT one of those people.. 
Sure I enjoy an occasional pounding of the pavement- but the day in, day out training.. kind of blows. 
It really isn’t something I’m passionate about. 
So you might be wondering why I’m training for a half marathon in May.
Yeah, You and Me both, Hah. 

In reality, I don’t really think our bodies are designed to run long distances all the time (Or maybe at all).. it is super stressful to our systems and is kind of unnatural. (That being said, I have always been envious of folks that run half and full marathons and wanted to be part of the club- because I think they and it’s awesome!) Speaking for myself, I have always been a sprinter- during my swimming years I never really raced anything over 200 meters- and most of the time 50’s and 100’s.
But honestly, this is all about the challenge. I already KNOW I can do stuff for speed..  
I really just want to prove to myself that I can “go the distance” .. and that includes following through and checking off each of my training runs- no matter how much I want to stay under the covers or have multiple cups of coffee and waste time on Facebook. 

Hey, if your not challenging yourself, your not changing yourself.. right?

Tuesday was another 5 mile “easy" run. But first there was a return of an old favorite for breakfast
2% Fage plain yogurt, banana, Almond butter.. Oh yogurt, I’ve missed you so!
 Paula joined me on the neighboring treadmill and kept me company.. which was awesome and made the run go by fairly quickly. I felt really good after this run, and I even foam rolled afterwards. I may have even discovered why people like running long distances
Haribo gummy bears and coconut water, making 7AM 5 mile runs awesome and worth it! 
  Unfortunately, my body didn’t appreciate any of it… My right hip is very angry.. so is my left knee. 
 I went to work with something a little new in my lunch box
Plantains pan fried in coconut oil. Oh my… they are amazing. 
Plantains are super cheap (3 for $1 at my local grocery) full of good, healthy carbs and double the vitamins of bananas. Plus they are yummy :)

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