Friday, November 2, 2012

Factoid Friday

I hope your already starting your weekend fun by the time you read this.. For me it’s time I stop slacking off and get back to our Factoid Fridays.. it’s been a while!

-It’s about to get geeky…This is the best video game, EVER. 
 James and I have (or have had in the 9 years we have been together) almost every video gaming system. Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Game Cube, and a Gameboy Color to round it out. Most of these systems we have gotten used from friends or secondhand stores- including the extra controllers and games. That beauty up there was found with two controllers and connecting cables for $7.99 at Savers.. (When I was a little nut I had the front load version) and was by far the best deal and coolest find to date. Coming in a close second is our Super Nintendo that I found on Ebay for James’ Christmas gift one year with controllers, connecter cables and over 20 games for $99.. 
   P.S. I totally kick ass at Mario.. Just saying

-One of my first orders of business today?
Half priced Halloween Candy.. I <3 and="and" as="as" bad="bad" boy="boy" car="car" div="div" down="down" duds..="duds.." duds="duds" got="got" i="i" in="in" jolly="jolly" milk="milk" nbsp="nbsp" open="open" ranchers..="ranchers.." ripped="ripped" s="s" scarfed="scarfed" some="some" soon="soon" that="that" the="the" yum.="yum.">

-Another favorite snack?
Sammy Snacks are totally vegetarian.. unlike the Scooby Snack knock-off

- Hot Sauce is awesome on everything
(Brown Rice, Chick peas, Brussels, and marinara sauce + Lots and Lots of Franks)

Have a great Weekend! 

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