Wednesday, October 17, 2012


   Piggy- backing on Lindsay’s post (which was amazing as always!) and taking a couple of minutes to acknowledge what I’m thankful for…

*My Body- For doing all of the crazy shit my head asks it to- without too much complaining :)
*My Brain- For never being satisfied with the knowledge it houses, always searching for more. For remembering Sanskrit which is badass! For keeping memories.
*My Personality- For waiting patiently while I work up the confidence to let you out %100- For being silly, fun, intense, determined, creative and unique.

*James-  For loving me unconditionally. For being my #1 supporter and best friend in the entire world. For always making me smile.

*Mom and Dad- For loving me and giving me a much better life than you had.

*Sammy and Hydro- For puppy snuggles. For Smooches. For lots and lots of love.

*Friends/Teachers- For guidance, acceptance and support. For sharing who you are and what you know- much love. 

*Students/Clients- For support. For showing up to class ready to do whatever it is I ask of them. For having a sense of humor and learning not to take themselves to seriously. For going out of their way to thank me or tell them I’ve helped them in some way.

*For our home, Food, heat and everything in between

    Monday I tackled a 7 mile training run. I had put it off all weekend because there were just other things I wanted to do instead- like have a Pancake breakfast while watching old-school cartoons with friends.. (and the fact that I couldn’t sleep Saturday night, was up since 2am, didn’t really help things either) 
    I headed to Planet Fitness, grabbed some free grape frooties for fuel (PF only has the grape flavor along with regular chocolate)
   I hopped on the treadmill and got after it. Eating candy for “fuel” is a great idea… It’s my new favorite gym activity :)  I have never run more than 5 miles before- not counting the 6 hour Adventure race I did last year because I have no idea how many I ran. So I kept at a 10:00mph pace. The treadmill shut automatically after 60 minutes which is really annoying BTW- but it was kind of nice to get a little breather. I finished in 75 minutes which included a little cool down and I was a sweaty monster.. You know it’s bad when you gross yourself out with your sweatiness. 
   I foam rolled, stretched and iced a bit while chugging down a little post-workout smoothie.  I think I’m really starting to dig this whole running thing :)

What are you Thankful for?

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