Tuesday, September 11, 2012

While I’ve been gone

    I’ve broken my toe teaching Star jumps 

   Our friends Scott and Laura got married
   They had a photo booth which was SO.MUCH.FUN
  I’ve been practicing my braiding styles
  There have been MANY motorcycle rides
  Hydro still isn’t feeling the best- we put him on a veggie soup fast (Yes I realize that sounds a bit nuts, but the vets aren’t really giving us much to go on.. so with a suggestion from a friend and a holistic vet book we jumped in.) He’s pretty thrilled about it..
 I’ve been channeling Kerri Walsh during my workout sessions
  Being one of those people that has more pictures on their dogs than people in their phone
 Sometimes a bit serious
   Some pizza
Some paddles
 Some time with the husband at the zoo

 Me being TERRIFIED feeding the deer
   Motorcycle rides with friends
  To the beach

  And home renovations (The soon to be man cave/garage)
     And some pink +sparkles- because every girl needs a little pink in their lives :)