Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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    Monday’s usually turn into the day of recommitment- the weekends are fun but lack a bit of structure- so I really like to get back into the workout and clean eating grove. 
   I had plans with my friend Becky to hit up the pool for some lap swim, so in leu of the gym I did a little workout at home. As seen on Bess Be Fit

      I’ve been very into short, intense workouts over the 2 hours at the gym- sure I love lifting, but I also love functional, powerful and explosive workouts. Plus there is progress going on, slight maybe, but progress none the less. 

     Just 30 minutes and I was heading off to the pool. Your probably sick of hearing about my adoration for chlorine scented skin and complete body exhaustion that comes with diving into the water.. but I’m like an addict and it is all I can think about. I used this workout with a couple changes- For each 100 easy I subbed out 100 of breaststroke, back stroke, butterfly and IM respectively. I had Becky do exactly half of the workout and she did great! 
    We got dressed and headed out in search of a new bathing suit. Becky had seen an ad for suits on sale. We got the suits for $18 a piece! Awesome deals make me happy!  
    By the time I got home I was STARVED and whipped up some Kale salad

        It was time to take the Mutt for his first swim since his surgery.. we kept it short because I worry too much and didn’t wait him to overdo it. 
    It’s completely adorable how much he loves to swim, just like his Mama :) 
  Speaking of swimming, Dara Torres is amazing! I’m so completely inspired by her dedication and determination- and also so completely bummed out that she’s not going to the Olympics this year. She fought one hell of a fight for sure! I just finished reading

   Throughout the book I was not only inspired by her attitude.. her commitment for just going for whatever it is you want is something to mimic. I even sought out masters swim meets in my area.. because competing is what I really love and miss.. There is a good possibility that I will be signing up for one before the end of the year!
Who inspires your fitness goals?

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