Friday, July 6, 2012

4th+ WO+ Swim

      Pretend I posted this two days ago as I planned:


Dad and Uncle lighting off stuff :)

       I hope you enjoyed the holiday! I personally LOVE 4th of July, probably because I love the rush you get from lighting off fireworks.. but also because everyone is always in a great festive spirit. I worked in the morning but was out by 1pm so there was plenty of time to change up really quick and head over to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for party time. We had a fantastic time celebrating with my family!
     In other news, I finally put my workout plans to paper and hung it up on my wall near my desk so I can’t miss it.

      Part of my plans include more swimming, at least 3 days a week to be exact- because there is a swim meet at the end of the month I want to compete in..
      In total this week, I swam 7600 Yards- about 5 miles.. That 3500 workout up there is the longest swim I’ve done in years and it felt amazing to kick it’s butt!
    How do you refuel after a long workout?
    That would be Chocolate Coconut ice coffee and my first experience with Marylou’s.. Yes it was delicious, but it was like drinking a candy bar and I couldn’t even drink half of it. I was expecting a brewed coffee flavor so it was a sugary surprise! Next time I’ll get a small :)

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