Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ZOMBIE + Tips + Bike

     Zombie mode all day..  I woke up this morning without the husband- he got to sleep in since he was working at a different job site. I zoned my way through breakfast and some coffee but was coherent enough to leave him a cup with a note as a surprise :) We don’t have a coffee pot, but an on the stove espresso maker. It makes enough for two normal cups or one Friends Central Perk sized cup of coffee- so leaving him a cup required getting out a travel mug and hoping it stayed hot enough, which it did! 
    I picked up Paula because her car is still dead and we made our way to the gym- blazing through a leg workout in time for me to drop her back off, shower, eat and attempt to get to work on time. I was only 5 minutes late! That for me is the equivalent to 15-20 minutes early so I was happy with that.
     Work was moving at snail speed, but the husband got out of work super early and stopped in for something to eat. I also convinced him to bring me 

  YUM. Unfortunately it didn’t kill the zombie in me, and the day continued to drag on.  It was finally 2pm- time to clock out, woot woot! When we clock out, we collect our credit card tips as well. Since they have changed to a new computer system, there is a report that prints up showing what each transactions tip was.
     As soon as I got home and changed we headed out to pick up the husband’s new mountain bike. No photos yet, but I did snap one while we were waiting for the bike to be ready
   I really want a road bike- why do they have to start at $600?  I’ll just be happy with what I have- husband is fixing and adjusting his old mountain bike for me- set to be ready within the week! Apparently its an amazing bike. He and all his friends helping him with it are convinced that I’m going to love it and I’m almost sure they are more excited about it than I am..  I mean I’ll get super excited when it’s ready and I can actually ride it.. but I can’t get excited about the new Shock-less Fork you put on there.. sorry hun..
       The rest of the night when by quickly. Dinner, Played Hairdresser dying my friend’s hair, Bed. The End :)
How was your day?
Ever leave a really bad tip or no tip at all when you’ve gone out to eat?
Do you have a road or mountain bike?

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