Thursday, May 3, 2012

WO + Dinner + Dogs

     Monday night’s class was a small one- only three students- but we had a great time:

     I was inspired by the 480 workout to create a pyramid style workout for them- and it was a big hit, even I was sweaty afterwards :) I think my favorite part was the modified Burpees- 3 narrow arm push ups and 2 jump ups with each one were killer- especially after squat jumps.  After class I headed home to dinner and this cutie
 Khloe has already almost doubled in size- I just can’t take the cuteness!
Tuesday morning was all about legs

  • Barbell squats 4x8@170
  • Barbell Deadlifts 4x8@60
  • Split Squats 4x8 each leg@50
  • Calf Raises 4x8 holding 2x25 DB
  • Squat Jumps 4x25 (HOLY MOTHER.. ouch)
  • 100x Decline crunch with 25lb plate
  • 3x1 minute plank holds

     But directly after this workout (and during) I was completely exhausted.. I’m talking unable to force myself out of bed.. Now the fact that is was really crappy weather didn’t help- but I could barely keep my eyes open. I spent the entire day in bed watching Gilmore Girls, eating, and napping here and there. The day just flew by but I definitely needed the rest.. I felt off for pretty much the whole day, but not bad enough to miss a chance at dinner with James!
Eggplant Fries- seriously AMAZING

Handsome date :) 

Sangria- made with red wine= heart healthy

The “Weird Wedgie” named so by the waitress the last time we went there- the original has blue cheese and bacon- so ordering substitutions made it the weird wedge. hah

Caprese pizza- with house made mozzarella cheese.. OMG
    I decided that I needed to take a day off from the gym, as much as I didn’t want to. I went to bed at 9pm and slept all the way until 7am. I felt so much better once the sleep hangover cleared and was glad that I took the time my body needed. I went to work, went to Target with my friend and co-worker and saw two cuties sitting in the front seat of someone’s car.
  The other little guy was hiding and this was the best shot I could get- adorable! After I got home James and I ran right out to Trader Joes for groceries- since I hadn’t shopped in almost two weeks.. oops. There was a quick dinner before heading out to Wine and Cigar night for good conversation and a campfire and of course a glass of wine :)
    I was really happy to get back to the gym this morning- believe me!


  • DB bench press 4x8 @25 each hand
  • DB incline bench press 4x8 @ 25 each hand
  • Clean and Press 4x8 @50
  • Cable Flys 4x8@ 20
  • BB upright row 4x8@ 50
  • Triceps rope pushdown 4x8 @35
  • DB front raise 4x8@ 10 (did these light since my shoulder was snap, crackle, poppin the whole time- yikes!)
  • 50 Feet elevated pushups (originally supposed to be 100.. not so much)
  • Finished off with 20 minutes on the Arc trainer
    The rest of the day has been a little rough- as you can read here. I’ll warn ya- it’s not an upbeat read, but I needed to get it out. There are quite a few “embellishments” so don’t be alarmed.. I did not edit or change it at all from the original words that flowed through my mind to my fingers. Sometimes I really struggle to show that side of myself here, because let’s face it.. people don’t want to read a bunch of negative crap. Honestly I think there is a good and bad side to it- and if I can make someone else feel like they aren’t going through something similar, alone, then it is worth putting out there. So here’s to tomorrow!

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