Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend + Summer Shred

   What a weekend- the first time in FOREVER that James and I didn’t work.. we actually planned ahead and had things planned by Thursday (That never happens.. it’s usually more like 5 pm Friday night when we start trying to figure out what to do and start calling people like mad) Friday night we had some friends over for dinner and drinks.. I may have had a little too much Skinny Girl Margarita to remember to take pictures, except these:
(Nothing can make this boy unhappy!)

(Sammy always wants to snuggle with Daddy)

    Saturday morning I hit the gym with Paula to try out this circuit Like it or Not
(Thanks Lindsay for kicking my butt!)
     AWESOME circuit.. for sure.. so awesome that I’m going to use a version of it for my class tonight.. they will be thrilled I’m sure..  :)
     After getting sweaty, I showered and got some stuff done while James worked in the basement- organizing.. Around noon we met up with friends to go canoeing.. the weather was perfect for the first canoe of the season! I can’t wait to go more and more :) 
(Not the best picture, hah- but you get the point)
    Everyone headed back to our house for more grilling and drinking (I guess there was kind of a bit of that this weekend- I swear we don’t do this all the time!) I was ready for bed around 10- and definitely crashed while there were still people over.. 
    Sunday Morning started at 6:30 AM- breakfast and coffee was had before we got picked up by some friends who drove us to the MS walk- we did the 6 mile loop. Though the walk started with a little bit of drizzle and gray skies- everything cleared up nicely, allowing for a very sunny walk along the bay for a great cause! There was yet ANOTHER cookout post walk, which rounded out the weekend- before heading home for a shower and movie time.. (I kind of fell asleep watching the movie) 
For this mornings workout we started the Summer Shred workout which I found on a while back.. I really pushed myself with the weight today since most of the exercises were only 6-8 reps:

Day 1
Bench Press 4x8 @50 lbs
Incline Bench Press 4x8 @40 lbs
Clean and Press 4x8@ 50 lbs (These things are killer- and a new favorite.. for sure!)
Incline DB flys 4x8 @ 20 lbs each hand
BB Upright Row 4x8 @ 50 lbs
Skull Crushers 3x10 @30 lbs (I attempted to go up to 40lbs, and managed to do half a set.. hah)
DB lateral Raise 2x6 +2x8 @15 lbs each hand
*** 100  DIPS! 4x25 with increasing weight assistance.. 
    When it was time for the dips someone was using the weight assisted machine, so for fun we were handing around the reg. dip station- and of course I had to try to do some.. The words “I know I can’t do them without assistance” came out of my mouth- but I stopped myself and said, hey I think I can do at least one.. even if I can just lower down.. Well I proved myself wrong.. I didn’t do one.. I did FIVE full dips WITHOUT assistance!!! A lady watching (while using one of the other machines) yelled over- “I’m hurting just watching you!” hah- I love gym buddies! Paula got on there too- even though she didn’t think she could even hold herself up.. Which she did :) No weightless dips for her- but she held herself up there for 5 seconds- Once the assisted machine was clear we continued though the rest of the sets.. I started with 10lbs assistance and worked all the way up to 50 lbs assistance as I got to the last set.. My arms were ripped up.. it was awesome!
   Speaking of gym friends- Ryan sent me messages via Facebook this morning because we weren’t there at 6AM as per usual- Paula had to drive her BF to work so we went an hour later.. Apparently Ryan is “Done slacking off” and wants to do a circuit workout with us.. so he was expecting us- talk about holding us accountable huh? 

How was your weekend? 
Have you ever been canoeing?
How do you feel about making friends at the gym?

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