Sunday, March 18, 2012

Work + Workouts

     I almost forgot how good a yoga practice can be… 45 minutes of morning yoga before I hit Denny’s for my second weekend shift. I got some handstands, headstands, and backbends in to get the blood flowing to the brain.. because you know- it takes a whole lot of brain power to wait tables ;)

Shit that happens to a denny’s waitress-
    Waiting on a table of 7- along with 5 other parties. I ask them for their drink order and one of the guys orders a water for now and an OJ for later. With a smile I say, “You might have to remind me to bring the juice, sometimes I forget, haha” (You know because its not busy or anything.. why can’t you just have your juice now?) He in return gives me a blank stare and says something rude. I return with all of the drinks and take their order- when he orders he makes sure to say, “And my Orange juice” with a snotty attitude. Their food comes up in two trays- I deliver the first and before I bring the second I grab the juice- (There was no way in hell I would forget that juice.. ) I drop it and everything off and stop by the table a few more times to check up on them- of which they barely take notice or acknowledge me.
    It comes time to pay and the juice guy gives me his credit card- which says “See ID” so I walk back to the table and say “I need your ID” and the guy responds.. “Oh, someone who knows how to read” I respond, “Yeah we’re not all morons.. thanks” (It kind of just flew out of my mouth.. oops. )
    My boss also informed me that I will be working all weekend- every weekend until further notice.. Great..

    Saturday mornings workout was an hour of Cardio. We decided to split it up between the treadmill and the arc trainer.. 20 minutes treadmill- 20 minutes arc trainer- 20 minutes treadmill.. Surprisingly it went by quickly and we finished out week 11 with a sweaty bang!
     I headed out to work- and then went to pick up Paula and met up with Melinda and Kristin for a hike around the woods.. Unfortunately the sun never actually came out- but it was still plenty warm and  decided to shine through after we got back to the car..
      The rest of the night included a trip to the Sprint Store (again) to try and fix James’ phone, dinner and Skinny Girl Margaritas around a camp fire!

What did your weekend look like?


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