Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 10 Complete!

    Hazzah- Who is excited about completely smashing day 69?!

              That’s right.. this guy! Woot Woot!

     We hit it hard today- I don’t know if it was going to the gym an hour later (which we have been doing on Saturday’s since it is the weekend and everything) or if we were pumped to finished out the intervals and plyo, but we were on a mission. By the time we got to the Cardio Interval training we were both sweaty but ready. Normally I keep the pace at 8.0- which is what Livefit trainer actually tells you to do- its been challenging enough, but I really wanted to go all out and get out of my comfort zone. (While I have been getting sweaty and a bit out of breath I felt like I could do more) So I went up to 8.5 just to see how it was. After 5 minutes I decided that it was still not pushing me enough… So I went up to 9.0!
     That was the kick in the pants I was looking for. When I first increased the speed, I thought to myself, “Maybe I should go up to 10.0?” because it didn’t seem any more difficult.  But after the first 10 minutes of 9.0 speed- I was sure that I made the right choice to stick it out.. I wasn’t even able to talk.. which if you know me in real life (and lets face it can probably tell by the way I ramble on) I talk a lot.. I was down to my sports bar in no time- and I was actually DRIPPING sweat. And of good god.. my hair.. Oh man, it looked like I just came out of the shower..
    I took this 15 minutes afterwards.. and it was still pretty soaked through. I love getting sweaty and feeling like I kicked ass- and I totally got that this morning.. but peeling your clothes off afterwards.. Not a fan.. Seriously gross.. gross.. gross! 
     Thankfully a shower can do wonders.. along with a blow dryer! 

    The husband is finally home from work (he has been working 7 days a week.. a total of 66 hours- 10 hours each weekday and 8 hours each weekend) and we are off for a walk..

  What are your Saturday Plans?

  When is the last time you had a good sweatin-like-a-pig workout? What was it?



  1. I love the feeling of having a great workout!
    I spent my Saturday at my aunts house with me family. :)

    Have a great Sunday!

    1. Working out really is one of my favorite things :) Thanks for stopping by!