Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When last I left ya and day 37

     When last I left ya I was heading out to the pool. I felt pretty rusty and sluggish upon jumping in, but the water was a good temperature and everything smoothed itself out after a few laps. I logged 1500 yards (300 of that was kicking with a kick board) and even managed to do all of the strokes. Butterfly and Backstroke were only 25s but hey it’s been a while. Swimming Butterfly again made me feel fierce! I LOVE butterfly and it was my second favorite stroke with backstroke and breaststroke following.. (While I really like swimming breaststroke I was never good enough to actually race it.. something about my rhythm was always off..of course I had to swim it in the IM but that was about it) Butterfly is intense and I felt it when I woke up this morning. 
    And in case you want to learn how to do it.. or just want to see some awesome underwater shots of it


    Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to mention that I had a little extra incentive to swim well.. There were firemen in training.. in tight suits.. swimming… Good thing I was in water or they might have noticed the drool down my chin. Hey guys listen, lets coordinate your training with my swims.. I’ll get better much faster with you swimming along side of me :)
   After my swim  had my 2nd snack of the morning (the 3rd time I ate, haha!) and headed to the grocery store to stock up on produce, eggs and almond milk. I’m trying to be smart and prep a bunch of yummy clean food- so that when I’m hungry and lazy- the two always seem to go together- I can grab a little of this and that and have lunch or dinner ready in a few minutes. After stopping by Starbucks for a coffee I made it home with arms full of stuff and got to work.. I had eggs hard boiling, carrots and broccoli steaming in separate pots, brown rice cooking in the rice cooker, and kamut pasta boiling. Now the fridge is well stocked and I can go back to being super lazy at meal times. In between all of that I managed to clean the house, start laundry, cut the boys nails and clean their ears and do all of the dishes… I don’t know what got into me but I was on a roll!  I finished out the day teaching class and eating some salad before heading to bed. Full day!

    Paula and I hit the gym as per usual and just like always- got our asses kicked. Awesome.. After this week we will be halfway done with the trainer! While I’m excited about seeing results, I am running out of juice doing everything else I want to do along with it. That’s ok though- because I’ve been saying that I want to work out like it’s my job.. Kind of is :) I’ll just drink more coffee and eat some shock blocks.. Call it a day. As for today I’m skipping my swim because I still have to teach tonight and I should listen to my body.. what I need now is a nice hot shower.

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