Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last day of Livefit Phase2, Adderall day 1

       This morning started with a coffee, vitamins, yogurt, and Adderall. I had no idea what this stuff would do to me or what I would feel like, so I was naturally a bit nervous. But I swallowed it down and hiked it to the gym.
     About 20 minutes into our workout I was starting to feel the effects of the meds. I felt dehydrated! I drank double the water during our gym session than normal. I was definitely feeling a little strange and noticed that I was super talkative and speaking extra quickly- but otherwise I felt fine. We finished out week 8 strong and I’m super proud of us! I will do a review soon but until then.. I know I’m feeling strong and sassy!
    After the gym, I came home and showered, made my smoothie and got ready for work. I got there at 9 and got right down to work.. the thirst didn’t stop.. I drank at least 6 bottles of water in the 4 hours I was there-I seriously couldn’t get enough into my body.. my mouth was super dry (and still is) and I’m a bit afraid I’m going to float away!

My appetite is definitely different for sure. Not only do I not feel hungry, I’m completely uninterested in food. I did attempt to eat a few times- a granola bar (I managed a little more than half) a salad (less than half) sushi (I had 4 bites… and pretty much had more water, some tea and a small miso soup) Finally around 6:30pm I was feeling faint and managed to eat 6 eggs whites with a slice of cheese and a couple bites of James’ pizza. It is definitely weird for me to not be able to eat.. usually I eat 6 times a day and I can put away some food! I suppose everything will even itself out..
     But then I crashed.. it was 7pm and it literally felt like someone flipped a switch- and I could actually feel the difference. so weird. Now I just feel exhausted and still want more water. haha..

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