Saturday, February 11, 2012

6 weeks down, 6 to go.

… Ok, I’ve left you hanging the last few days. Truth is, I have been fighting a cold and feeling a bit burnt out… Every workout felt like a struggle but I made it through.. I’m a bit disappointed that I only made it to the pool one time again this week- especially since I really wanted to make it at least twice. So when Friday came around and I woke up with the stuffy head and nose I was determined to make it to the gym and the pool. Well I finished my workout at the gym, had my smoothie and even got my suit on.. and then I went searching for a swim workout- but then I passed out..

  I’m talking mid online search I fell asleep!
 So as much as I wanted to push myself to get to the pool I decided my body was telling me it needed rest more. I stayed in bed trying to nap for a few hours and then grabbed a coffee with Paula instead.  After she head out to the doctors office I went to the bookstore to read through some books for free and waste some time: 

   I’ve looked through these books before and while there is some great info in there I’m pretty excited that there is going to be a vegetarian version coming out soon- that one I might actually buy.. Or at least get from the library and photocopy :) Being vegetarian and attempting to eat clean has been a bit challenging.. I’ve been living on greek yogurt, eggs and cottage cheese.. I don’t eat beans and only have tofu every once in a while because they make my body very upset.. So it will be good to get some different recipes or at least some different ideas to move into rotation.

     This morning was the LAST workout of week 6.. I couldn’t have been more happy about it.. We started an hour later than usual since it is Saturday after all- and were done in an hour.. Ahh.. sigh of relief that tomorrow is a rest day.. Unfortunately it is also a work day- so there won’t be as much rest as I would have hoped for.. however after work we are going to a Providence Bruins Hockey game! Since I’ve never been to a hockey game before I’m pretty excited!

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