Monday, January 9, 2012

Days 5,6, and 7

  Since these days are rest days I didn’t feel like they needed to be separate posts. In fact I didn’t feel the need to post them at all.. ha! Saturday morning I got up pretty early and snuck out of bed so that James could sleep- I had breakfast and coffee and watched some crappy teen drama until about 9.. Although it was the first rest day I was feeling like I wanted to get some movement in- plus James was just getting up and wanted some boy time before we went out.
    I spent about an hour doing a bit of yoga and stretching before handstanding for a while- until James came upstairs to make sure I was ok (since I guess it sounded pretty loud from downstairs) I even convinced him to do one (with my help of course) and I tried to talk him into letting me tape it for you all but he wasn’t down, darn! Maybe next time? After we got cleaned up we headed to the city to walk around for a few hours enjoying the wonderful and almost 55 degree day. It was so nice! We got home sometime in the afternoon and made some stuff to take to our friends house for their annual gathering after-holiday were they collect donations for a local homeless shelter…It was great to see all of our friends and even spent some time by a campfire which I’ve never done in RI during January..
   Sunday I was at Denny’s until 2. The day was surprisingly slow which is what we can look forward to for at least the next few months. Typically it’s a very bad time of year in the restaurant biz.. which makes the idea of finding work seem even more unattainable. After I chilled out, showered and dressed- we hit up the mall so I could drop my wedding band to be sized (my fingers are getting fatter?!) and ran to the grocery store for some dinner supplies. It was a pretty low key night- including some dirty teen TV..Eventually I feel asleep..
    This morning (day 7) I got some more yoga/handstanding in- and even though I can tell that my handstands are getting stronger and I’m getting better technique wise- it’s still kind of frustrating that I’m not a pro yet. I am however pretty excited that I can tape myself during practice and review the footage- giving me the ability to see what I need to work on. Each day I get better- and someday I’ll be able to hold that damn handstand for minutes at a time.. I just know it.. I do also see a difference in my abs.. it takes a TON of core ..
I mean it isn’t exactly wash board or anything- but I’m definitely learning to overcome my extreme flexibility..  Hurray for handstands! 
    Back to the grind tomorrow- and I can’t WAIT to get to the gym!!! 

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