Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 4 LiveFit- random photo laziness..

    Shoulders and Abs today- and the last workout of Week 1/ Phase 1..  The workout was short and sweet :) I blended up some EAS chocolate protein pre-workout and stashed it in the car for my drive to go hang out with Paula.. She was babysitting so I kept her company for a little bit..
    As it turns out I suck at taking my photos and putting them on here.. so here is a bit of catch up..

check out this mess from chocolate covering pretzels with some friends.. You have to love chocolate and sangria during the holiday- so much FUN! 

And you have to work that stuff off.. with a bit of yoga and handstands..
 And I had my hairs cut :) LOVE it!

 Oh yeah… plus a new table and light for the dinning room.
 Chug that water!
 And we ALWAYS need some chocolate chips..
 And Maple Walnut French toast to round it out

Happy weekend!

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