Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pt. 2

  We had dinner plans with my friend Melinda and Kristen but met up to pre-game it with some amazing (very strong) homemade strawberry margaritas.. 

 As you can see I’m a light weight.. Though it probably has something to do with the fact that we made 8 servings for 3 drinks.. I was feeling pretty awesome by the time I got to the restaurant. So were these lovely ladies..

 We had some sushi to start.. Best roll I’ve ever had.. avocado and honey roasted peanut.. EPIC
 This continued to get a bit silly..

 And then thankfully more food came to soak up some alcohol.. Like my blue hawaii in the background :)
 We headed back to Melinda’s house for more drinks (we had planned to go out dancing but never made it because we got a bit drunk)

 So we whipped out a game.. which is all too funny when your feeling good..

 And one of my favorite quotes of the evening… (after 3 FULL blenders of margaritas..) “But look how much juice we used” hahaha to compare the tequila was practically empty and so was the bottle of triple sec

 By the time we left I was definitely not ready to do anything else but eat (the rest of my noodles from dinner which I proceeded to eat in the car, cold, with my fingers.. I know I’m a classy girl) I had a glass of water and headed to bed.. 
   This morning I woke up feeling awesome- and didn’t have any hangover.. at all! I had a GREAT birthday and wanted to continue to celebrate.. so off to breakfast!

 We ordered a plate of pumpkin pancakes to share- which came with cinnamon butter.. so good.. 
 And since I figured I should eat something healthy some egg whites and fruit- home fries came on another plate but were fried so I just at a couple of bites- not amazing enough to waste the calories.. bring on those pancakes! 
   Overall it was a great weekend- and a wonderful birthday! I had so many laughs and good times- and actually was good about taking pictures which I was super excited about! Lets kick 26 off with a bang!

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