Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The monthly visitor.. Art.. Pasta

…. Again it was freezing- and getting my butt out of the house for a workout proved to be a challenge.. and I didn’t make it to the gym until sometime after 9:30. 

And at the risk of giving way too much information about myself… I’m just going to go there.. So my monthly/moon cycle is always way out of whack.. I seriously take a pregnancy test almost every single time I’m supposed to get it.. This month it’s no different… I was getting worried about it since it was day 37 and still no sign- so I took a test this morning first thing (which of course came up negative.. I worry so much because I’m not on BC- hate that stuff!) And went about the day.. As I was doing intervals on the treadmill I kind of got the feeling that the little bugger chose this as the time it was going to show up.. I finished up my 25 minutes and headed to the loo.. and sure enough, Blamo… Luckily everything was just starting up- so there wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about- but I did have to cut my gym time short.. and instead finish up at home.. I was a bit annoyed about the change in plans- but what can you do? I rounded my workout with 20 minute tuesdays and everything worked out great.
    I was pretty bored for most of the day because Paula has a job now- and I have no one else to hang out with!! Everyone else works durning the day too :/ so I was a bit thrown off.. However I have been thinking about and wanting to get back into drawing over the last few weeks- but lacked some paper so I hit up the Dollar store (Because I’m super classy like that) and kept myself entertained.. Plus lots of time reading blogs and looking at Pintrest.. Damn that site it addictive..

Apparently I’m stuck on a theme here..  Just black and white for now because all of my colored pencils and stuff are at the house.. What do you think- I’ll take constructive criticism :)

For dinner tonight we went with a simple combo of brown rice pasta, broccoli, garlic and olive oil- along with some spices.. Super simple and pretty yum for a throw together.

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