Friday, November 18, 2011

And now that the weekend is here..

   Ah.. no more 4:30 AM wake up calls for the next two days! I fulfilled my babysitting duties for the week with a not so smooth morning. For the first time since I started watching Aydan- I actually had to wake him up, because usually he is bright and bouncy in the morning… Not so much today. I could barely get him to talk to me- but we got some breakfast together and dressed on time… until I made him put the hat his mom told me to make sure he wore.. Yeah he wasn’t too happy about it- but I’m pretty sure  all kids hate hats.. I’m talking he started crying!!! I felt really bad- but it’s my job to make sure he’s off to school and ready for the day- and I have to listen to what his mom tells me obviously. Well tell that to a 6 year old.. He sulked the whole time while we waited for the bus to come and then started to cry again as the bus pulled up.. Eh well sometimes you have to be the bad guy :-(
    Man was it cold this morning, as well it should be considering its the middle of November. I headed straight for the gym after seeing Aydan off for some lower body work:

15 minutes warm up on the treadmill
Squats (70lbs) 3x 15;12;10
Leg press 3x15 (110,115,125lbs)
Jump squats 3x12 Superset with hip abduction 3x13 (110, 120, 130lbs)
Jump lunge 12 each side
Split lunge 3x12 each side with 30lbs
Squats 3x 15;12;10 (80 lbs)
Wall sits 3x 1min Superset with hollow body holds 2x 1 min
20 Sit ups
30 second Bridge
10 min cool down on the treadmill

    It felt like a good workout and my legs were really burning- especially towards the end with the wall sits AFTER the 80 lb squats.. As I mentioned a week or so ago, there was a creepy old dude that was staring at me and I told the manager about it instead of talking to him myself. I thought that was the more adult thing to do but unfortunately the same thing happened today (and a few other days before as well, but today I was doing the hip abduction when I finally had enough) After he walked by 3 times as I was hip abducting… lol (It’s already weird to be opening your legs man!) I finally gave it to him. He acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about- but once he walked away I didn’t see him for the remainder of my workout. Hopefully that puts a stop to it, because I’m going to become increasingly more upset/mad and it won’t be good!
    I got home- and I was starved but needed to fuel my muscles after the burn up. Yesterday I bought this stuff in bulk at BJ’s- without ever trying it (James has had it before and said it was good so I went with that since he is going to be drinking it as well)
5 lbs of whey protein is a lot- but I must admit that for $34 it was worth it. The stuff is actually really good- but I also like that taste of protein powders anyway, kind of how I like to eat TUMS because of the chalky taste.. haha I know I’m weird. Anyway- I mixed one scoop with 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk + 1/2 a cup of Organic whole milk and a few ice cubes.. mmm.. chocolately milk.. Perfect :)
Have you ever had to tell someone off at the gym for being a creep? Or how else did you handle it?

What kind of Protein do you supplement with? What are your favorite flavors?

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