Monday, September 12, 2011

Counting- on friends and buckets of change

   One of the more positive things about being on my own is really spending time with my friends. Often times James and I would just hang out together- because really he has been my best friend for the last 8 years. While I still consider him to be so, there has obviously been a drop in the amount of time we hang out. I’ve been hanging out with my other friends a lot- and I can’t begin to say how thankful I am for each and every one of them.. and the unique things they each have to offer. While having your partner spend dual duty as your BFF is wonderful it can also lead to an imbalance.. or more accurately it can sometimes be hard to determine when you are there for them as a partner or as a friend; it can be hard to separate the two. As I spend time with my friends now I realize how I split my time unevenly. I have never been the girl who invests %100 percent of my time into a guy- you know the type I’m talking about.. the friend who molds into whatever the guy she is with at the time.. I always tried to maintain my own persona. Ultimately James and I did mold into a unit… but not exactly him into me or me into him, more like a blend of the two into what we thought we wanted to be. Obviously if your a reader you know it didn’t exactly work the way we would have liked it to. I know that I miss him, a lot.
   As I look over my budget, I get a bit freaked out. There is only so much money a girl can make while working two waitressing shifts. I know this won’t be forever- the woman who is pregnant will be going out to have the baby very soon and I will pick up those shifts. Until then I’m spending my evening with a glass of wine and 4 change jars.. Rolling change takes forever- but it never ceases to amaze me how much cash can fit into these small jars! What am I going to do with the cash? Well there are some things that need to be paid- like my $200 speeding ticket from Nevada, and a new windshield before winter sets in. The windshield is going to run me about $250- which isn’t really too bad… but it would have been better if I didn’t have to pay for something that was a freak thing! No I don’t have enough change to pay for both, but it’s one step closer.
     I hate having to worry about every singe penny that I spend but I know that this is only temporary. Until I pick up the extra shifts I’m keeping myself on a strict food and gas budget.. That means no driving around to visit friends that live 20 minutes away.. and really using up the bags of rice I had kicking around. I’m allowing $25 for food this coming week (which I will shop for on Wednesday I think) and since I put $20 of gas in the car the other day, I’m making that stretch until next week if possible. So what am I going to spend that precious $25 food budget on? I’m keeping it super simple: yogurt, almond milk, broccoli, romaine lettuce and fruit. A few of the items will be bought in bulk (frozen broccoli 5 lb bag, and romaine 6 pack) to save some money. I will use the pantry items to fill out any meals as well. I have two gallon sized bags of protein/ raw food bars, 3 different kinds of rice, rice noodles, oat bran, gluten free pancake mix, 2 dozen farm fresh eggs from my friend Ryan (thanks!) almond butter, almonds and some seeds.
   The good thing about having limited resources for meals is that things are kept super simple which is what my body really likes anyway. Plus it’s kind of fun to get creative with spices and combos :)
    Well I’m off to roll that change- have a good night!

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