Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Take a break, Fast!

  After 20 days on the road for the East to West Coast extravaganza, my body has been taxed to it’s max. From not sleeping enough; over loads on caffeine and protein bars of all kinds; along with free samples and whatever else was laying around; Hours upon hours of car time and finally, mental stamina to deal with these stresses and being with people 24/7!
    For a number of months my digestive system has not been working appropriately. In this time I was healing from attempting a raw food diet, and learning that the vegan diet I was living for the last 4 years wasn’t what was best for me and my activity levels, Though I’ve remained a vegetarian. The idea of a fast or cleanse has been rolling around in my head for sometime and I figured that now was perfect. As of tomorrow I am going to do a brown rice fast. It will be modified to include some greens and coconut oils-( as per advice of my dear friend Anna who is an Ayurvedic practitioner in training) but I am shooting for 3 days. 3 days to give my tract some time to heal and hopefully begin working properly once again.  Fasting can:
  1. rest the digestive system
  2. allow for cleansing and detoxification of the body
  3. create a break in eating patterns, while shining a spotlight on them
  4. promote greater mental clarity
  5. cleanse and heal "stuck" emotional patterns
  6. lead to a feeling of physical lightness, increasing energy level
  7. promote an inner stillness, enhancing spiritual connection
I’m keeping my expectations modest. I don’t expect to lose tons of weight or feel amazing day 1. I do hope to get my body running more smoothly and getting my eating patterns to change for the better. Often times I eat out of habit and boredom- I will over eat without really having a reason or control. I want to see food as just the fuel that I need to accomplish the physical goals that I have for my future. Ultimately I want to be liberated from the hold that food and eating has held on me for more than half of my life. 

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