Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Farming and beer waffles

    One of the reasons I was excited when we bought our home was the ability to be a micro-farmer. I’m no expert- not even close, but I’ve had a garden once at an old apartment and some when I was growing up. There is just something to be said about fresh garden veggies, especially when you’ve grown them yourself. So this week we spent a ton of time ripping up weeds (which seems to be all that we can grow at the moment, ha) decided what we were going to grow and how it would be placed into the space. Sunday afternoon we went to the local nursery to scoop up some babies and give them a new home.  I’m not lying when I say we went a bit over board. I’m talking 16 tomato plants, 12 lettuce plants, 4 swiss chard, 4 basil, 1 parsley, 2 bell peppers, 4 cherry peppers, 4 cayenne peppers, 4 broccoli, 4 collards, 4 beets, 4 brussels sprouts, 8 kale, 4 green beans, 4 squash, 4 zucchini , 4 cucumbers, 4 pickling cucumbers. Whew..  

This spot was previously unused, and kind of ugly. We have the propane tanks, the random rock wall and some stairs that shouldn’t be used for anything but pot holders. If all goes well this will be the permanent garden space- which we will eventually make raised beds. Anyway we are hoping to grow in abundance so I can share with family and friends, and have enough to process and use through out the fall. 

    Moving on... a couple months ago James went to brew his own beer. He had an amazing time, learned a bunch of cool stuff- an got 12 cases of beer for less than it would cost to buy them at a liquor store. One of the beers was a porter, it’s super dark-almost black and smells pretty strong. There is no way I’m drinking it, but I can put it to use in some thing else:

That’s right- chocolate beer waffles! Seriously these things are so amazing I wish I could take credit. The recipe was taken from Vegan Brunch- Isa is seriously a genius! So when the hubs asked if I would make these I jumped at the chance. I made a double batch which seriously made about 30 waffles!! Apparently they were good because he ate 6 of them for breakfast this morning. I hate that men can eat whatever they want in whichever quantity and still have no worries about gaining an ounce. He’s lucky I love him!

Bottom line.. Run out and get ALL of Isa’s books- I don’t care if your vegan, veggie, omnivore.. just go get the books and make as much food as you can stand.. You will be happy about it I swear :)

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