Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nothing to do Tuesday

    Is there really nothing to do? Not exactly- but nothing that I really WANT to do. Hey I did start the dishwasher :) I made a couple of calls- but everyone I know actually works more than 2 days a week so I was left fill the space alone. That means it’s time to utilize my beautiful new kitchen!
  I wanted to make some cookies because James always likes to take them to work and we are heading to a friends house for some Dexter later this evening- and I always like to pawn off my baking so I don’t inhale all of it myself. In case you didn’t know I’m in love with peanut butter. Can’t seem to start the day with out at least 1 spoonful :) With that James is equally addicted to peanut butter cookies and while he has a few favorite recipes I thought I would make a more traditional looking peanut butter cookie:
Peanut Butter Criss Cross Cookies
They looked and smelled amazing while they were baking and I can’t wait for James to give me to final review- which he already told me will also include a cold glass of coffee flavored soymilk. Needless to say he’s excited to come home!
     We can’t just have our dessert- unfortunately as part of a balanced diet we have to include something more than peanut butter and sugar.. I know, I was bummed out when I found that out too! So what to make??? Well I had lots of time- and I had potatoes. So I went with a childhood favorite- something I used to make with my dad all of the time- something that is my FAVORITE kitchen memory and probably the reason I love to cook..... GNOCCHI! 

     If your not Italian you may not know what these are- these wonderfully dense but fluffy potato “dumpling”- Oh my!!! Maybe they are traditionally dumplings but in my family they were homemade and used in place of pasta. My dad used to make a clear sauce with chicken and Broccoli- tons of onion and garlic, yum! Well I don’t eat chicken- but it doesn’t matter- these tender little dudes are amazing standing alone with just some Earth Balance, salt and freshly grated cheese. Now you may be tempted to go out and buy they vacuum sealed versions of these- but don’t even bother. They will let you down- these are just meant to be made with family, from scratch. Period. 


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