Monday, April 18, 2011


   A surprise was on my front door step when I arrived home from covering basic yoga this morning and taking pilates...

My welcome letter and new slackline for my teacher training in May :) I’m super excited and even more so because I wasn’t expecting to receive a new slackline until I went to San Diego. Looking over the “Things to bring” list I realize that I “unfortunately” will have to do some shopping. A few items that I don’t have- specific hiking shoes- I’m sensing some Merrells in my future- a head lamp.. so wondering what the heck that are going to have us doing that requires this! I also need some hiking clothing and more stuff for light layers. Phew.. I feel like this could get expensive- but I’m so excited about it and I don’t really care! Any suggestions for good hiking gear would be awesome :)

   Bringing it back a few steps... As I said I covered a basic yoga class this morning for my wonderful fellow teacher Emma. She is so great- and always had helped me out with a moments notice if I needed a cover for my class, so I was happy to help her when she texted me last night. I usually take this class anyway so why not make a little dough while I’m at it? I have to confess that any time I cover a basic yoga class I get a bit negative. See I’m not really known for being a basic teacher- its something that is completely out of my comfort zone but I have been really working to get in a place where I can be comfortable with my teaching and with teaching basic yoga. I was stressed about it last night and James quickly got into my head telling me to be positive. It was a good thing since I don’t even realize the things I say sometimes. This class turned out great. Once I had an idea of where I was going to take the class (Focusing a lot of abdominals- one of my favorites :) the class just seemed to flow organically. I really got into the grove and felt like it was a great class- which a few students compliments helped with that too! I’m excited to teach now, which is such a change from before. I really just want to have fun with it, and give my students everything I have to offer. It just feels so great to share something like this! I even snuck some of the prep slackline series in there, even though they didn’t know that was what is was, I kinda like being a bit sneaky!
   What are your weekend plans?
         James is at school for another few hours- so while I have the boys out on the deck with soup bones to chew I’m going to get some cleaning done and maybe some cooking. James and I are hanging out with some friends-have some drinks and going to a club to hear one of them play with their band. Sunday’s are generally a great morning together filled with yummy breakfasts and cartoon classics (We own multiple cartoon serious on DVD- including my personal favorites, The Gummy Bears and Dark Wing Duck) Probably hitting the gym and I’m hoping for nice weather so we can start checking out some yard sales as well. Last but not least, we have a surprise 50th birthday party to attend for one of James’ aunts which I’m sure will be good fun.  I’m looking forward to the busy days ahead!

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