Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The universe gives back

   Many of you may be familiar with this theory. Put something out in the world- maybe you say it out loud, maybe you silently ponder on it, maybe you write it down- however you put it out there... the universe will answer you- or send you some sort of sign. Or maybe by chance you just figure it out on your own and chalk it up to a coincidence.
    Yesterday I put it out there like I had many times in the last 6 months- what should I do about the Yogaslackers Teacher Training? And then today during work- the phone rang. Of course I couldn’t answer it- but when I saw it I noticed that it was Adi (One of my teachers of the Yogaslackers) she was calling to check in- see what was up. After we talked for a half our- it had been decided..


Thank you universe :)

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