Sunday, March 27, 2011

Man the weekends fly!

    Actually it seems like the older you get the faster time goes in general- I hate that sayings become true! The days seem to run together most weeks. This week I skipped out on work to be a hair model for my cousin, she’s just out of hair school and was applying for a job- Which she got- Great job Kim! It was so nice just to catch up with my little cousin. She’s about to turn 20 and clearly isn’t very little. We drank some Starbucks and chatted it up before parting ways. Usually Thursday nights I hit up pilates before I teach my yoga class, but this week I really just wanted to spend some extra time with the hubster. We had some dinner and did some Acroyoga. Well we attempted, I couldn’t get my balance which basically means that I dropped him a few times! Good thing my legs are short so the 2 feet he dropped didn’t harm him. He’s such a good sport- I love that he’s into practicing with me <3 My class went well this week and it’s so great to see it picking up :) 
    Friday was PT and Bodyrock- 300 rep workout. This shizz is hard!! It took me just under 32 mins to complete. Why did it take me so long? Well 30 pull ups along with 1-2-3 one leg lunges and 3 knee tuck pushups.. which was of course on top of other exercises- my arms were on fire! FYI- they are still sore 2 days later.. I LOVE these workouts. Zuzana is so bad-ass!
    I went out to dinner and drinks with a couple friends and had a blast. We went to Kon’s which has a hibachi! So much fun, a TON of food (Hubster had a huge box of left overs to take to school Saturday) and affordable. The atmosphere was perfect with a big Buddha statue and koi pond right in the center (I forgot my camera of course) Afterwards we headed back to Melinda’s house for more drinks and conversation.. Great night! I can’t wait to hang out again!
 Saturday- rough start. Like I said there were drinks the night before- and I struggled to get out of bed. I did make it though and was able to sleepily make it through and hour of both yoga and pilates. I felt much better afterwards. I did some much needed cleaning and baking!! 

The recipe was from Veganomicon, Pumpkin cake with pecan streusel topping. I didn’t have enough pecans so I just mixed almonds and brazil nuts in there and it worked out just fine. For whatever reason I wanted to make them into mini cakes or muffcakes if you will I figured they are easier to share this way :) It came out super yummy, even without a few spices that happened to be missing- eh who needs cloves and ginger anyway?
    Once the hubster came home from school we set out to our old stomping grounds in Providence- we walked around for a good hour and a half before we started to think about dinner. We wanted to make dinner so we hit up the grocery store and bought a few things to make dinner extra special.
Oh my yum! James wanted to make twice baked potatoes so we brainstormed and put lots of good stuff in there. We sauted onions and garlic, added broccoli, scallions, feta and cheddar cheese. So good!
 Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.. time for coffee and cartoons :) enjoy yours!

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